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Hi there! By now, you should have received our official wedding invitations, and after the ooh-ing and aah-ing wears off, you'll probably find that you still have some questions on your mind. We've put these pages together to provide some additional information about our big event.

If you prefer hardcopies, you can the print the entire packet in PDF format. This does not include the additional updates, so you'll want to print that as well.

Our Website

For answers to all kinds of questions, and up-to-the-last-minute changes, please refer to our web site (here). Try to check it about once every couple of weeks; we'll continue to make updates and additions there as necessary, like if the WTO decides to come to town that week and forces us to relocate the events to somewhere safer, like Canada.

For those who already received a copy of this packet via postal mail, you can save yourself some time by viewing only updates made since the mailing.

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