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West Coast Party Information UPDATES

If you're looking for any updates from the hardcopy version of the information packet you may have received in the mail, here is everything collected into one place:


For more information on viewing the fireworks over Lake Union, visit http://www.familyfourth.org. The site also includes additional information on Gasworks Park (activities are happening that day starting at noon, but no going over there without coming to our barbeque!)

Directions to The Mountaineers

If you are driving to The Mountaineers, please be advised that you need $3 in exact change for the parking lots. (The lot between the hotel and the Mountaineers costs $5, but if you drive another 50 feet, you can save yourself two dollars.) The lots require you to put your money into a small metal slot corresponding to your parking spot, but they are unattended, so there will be nobody there to accept your credit card or give you change. If you don't have exact change, you will probably not be able to get it at our party — try across the street at the Homewood Suites hotel.

Checks are also allowed, if you're one of those people who likes to write checks for three dollars.

Things To Do in Seattle

For those experiencing Seattle for the first time, we feel the Seattle Underground Tour does deserve your time. It sounds cheesy, but it's actually interesting and enjoyable for all ages. However, we must warn you that these tours are extremely popular. Because reservations can usually not be made in advance, we recommend that you drop by the ticket booth (in Pioneer Square) early in the morning to purchase tickets for the tour of your choice, then go off to see other things until your tour time.

Also, just as we went to press (I've always wanted to say that!), the Seattle Times published a special-edition weekend section outlining summer events. The entire story can be found at http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/traveloutdoors/. One interesting item mentioned in the supplmenet — particularly good if you have children and you've already seen all the usual touristy stuff — is the Wooden Boat Festival, happening all weekend. There are free boat rides, toy boatbuilding, and classic boats on display. Visit http://www.cwb.org for more information.

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