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Who Are Keith and Erin?

Keith and
Erin at Lake Titicaca Just who are these Keith and Erin people? Although this site is mainly geared toward are friends and family, most of whom already know the answer to that, it's entirely possible that you landed here by accident, thinking you were getting some travel agency or amateur porn. Well, since it's neither (or maybe just something in between), it may be worthwhile to let you in on what's going on.

We — that would be Keith and Erin — are a couple of travellers (not tourists) who are taking 12 to 18 months (or so) to "see the world", one country at a time. The story of how we came up with this idea, where we think we're going, etc. can be found in the Journey Plan section of this site.

We're both in our early thirties, have two cats (they didn't come with us), and consider our home to be Seattle, Washington, except when asked by Europeans, when it's anywhere in Canada. (This is doubly true after George W.'s "pretzel" incident.) We've been dating for more than four years, and we took advantage of this very trip to "tie the knot" in Beautiful Bali. So now people can stop asking us when we're going to get married: you're too late, we did.

In the real world, Keith is a software architect, having worked at Oracle Corporation for the last eight years, and Erin is a retail planner and buyer, most recently for Amazon.com, though now unemployed. After our journey, however, we're thinking of finding a nice quiet community where we can settle down and become balloon twisters.

If you'd like to know more about Keith, you can see the Bio information at kswartz.com. Erin doesn't have her own web site, but if you'd like to know more about her, feel free to send her email, or just write Keith and he'll make up something more interesting for you.

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