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Directions to Woodland Park (Barbeque)

By Car

To get to Woodland Park by car is easy — the only hard part is seeing the "secret entrance" into the park that puts you right next to our picnic area. We've included a hand-drawn map (courtesy of King County Parks and Recreation) that we think we help you a lot with the directions below.

Take Aurora Ave. (Route 99) north from downtown. Continue over the Aurora Bridge, and up a long hill. Around 45th street, the buildings alongside the road will disappear, and be replaced with a green iron fence and a park. Get in the right lane at this point. After you've driven under the three pedestrian bridges, slow down and look for a red-and-white striped wooden post along the right side. You'll see it at the very end of the fence, where it stands at the end of a virtually hidden driveway, with a sign reading "Woodland Park". (If you wait until you see the sign to slow down, you'll go screaming past it.) Turn in here, and stay to the right. You'll see our picnic shelter, number 5, on the left-hand side, across from the pink building (the rest rooms).

There are about 20 parking spots allocated for our shelter, which isn't a lot. There are about the same number for adjacent shelters, but these could all fill up fast. If all the lots are full when you arrive, find one of us, and we'll help direct you to the gravel lots just around the corner on Green Lake Way North.

Missed the driveway? Don't worry, it's still easy to get there. Take the right-hand exit just past the driveway. At the end of the exit ramp, turn right, then right again at the stop sign, driving along the lake on Green Lake Way N. You'll pass two gravel parking lots on the right, and eventually you'll see another sign for "Woodland Park" on the right-hand side, across the street from the "aqua theater" on the lake. Turn here, then stay to the right and head up the tree-shrouded hill. When you see another sign that says "Woodland Park", we're just to the right of there. If parking up there is full, you can also park in the gravel lots on Green Lake Way N. and walk up a path to get to our site — we'll direct you if it should come to that.

Think you missed the exit, too? Well, if you see a lake or a concrete median, then yes, you did. No problem: turn left at the first traffic light you can, onto Winona Ave. N. The road will curve to the left and become Linden Ave., then Linden will break off while the road you're on turns into Woodland Place N. (That may sound confusing, but just keep following the dotted yellow line and you'll be fine.) Continue down this road and it will wind back under Aurora Ave. Go through the traffic light, and keep to the right, then follow the rest of directions in the previous paragraph.

Not seeing a sign, but lots of soccer fields? Too far again. At this point, we recommend abandoning the car and just calling a cab.

Coming from the North? Take Aurora Ave. south, then turn right at Winona Ave. N. and follow the directions above.

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