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Directions to The Mountaineers

If you're staying at the Homewood Suites hotel, you can completely ignore this section: all you have to do is walk out of your hotel and cross the street. (How great will that be at midnight?) If you're staying elsewhere in downtown Seattle, we recommend taking a cab: it's easy, inexpensive, and saves you the trouble of requiring a designated driver. But other options are available, if you prefer.

By Car

From downtown: Take any street north/northwest out of downtown (like 1st, 4th, or 6th). Turn left at Denny Way. Continue down Denny Way until it bears to the right at a traffic light and turns into Western Avenue. At the bottom of the hill, you'll see another traffic light, beside the Homewood Suites Hotel. As the road curves around the hotel, you'll see a parking lot on the right, and the sign for The Mountaineers just beyond that. Make a right immediately after the parking lot onto Third Avenue. (There's a small triangular island — the turn is right before that, but you can still turn right at any time if you miss it.)

There is a parking lot next to the building, and several others on surrounding blocks. Parking is $3 for the night. You'll need $3 in exact change for the parking lots. (The lot between the hotel and the Mountaineers costs $5, but if you drive another 50 feet, you can save yourself two dollars.) The lots require you to put your money into a small metal slot corresponding to your parking spot, but they are unattended, so there will be nobody there to accept your credit card or give you change. If you don't have exact change, you will probably not be able to get it at our party — try across the street at the Homewood Suites hotel.

Checks are also allowed, if you're one of those people who likes to write checks for three dollars.

From north of the city: Take I-5 South to Exit 167 (Mercer St./Seattle Center). Follow the signs for Seattle Center (the road zig-zags as you get off, but the signs are clear). After an underpass, the road turns into Broad Street and goes past the Space Needle. Turn right onto Denny Way, then follow the directions above.

You can also take Aurora Avenue (Route 99) South and get off at Broad Street.

From south of the city: Take I-5 North to Exit 167 and follow directions to Seattle Center, as indicated in the previous paragraphs.

By Bus

To get to The Mountaineers building, take Bus Route 19, 24, or 33 out of downtown (easiest place to get it is at the intersection of 2nd and Pike), and get off in front of the Homewood Suites Hotel, at the intersection of Western Avenue & Elliott Avenue. (Again, ask the driver if you aren't sure.)

When you get off, you're less than 100 yards away: just walk around the corner of the hotel (down Western Avenue). You'll see a weird intersection where 3rd Avenue comes into Western; turn right up 3rd Avenue, and you should see the sign for The Mountaineers.

For other bus schedules and times, refer to the web site or phone numbers indicated in the Public Transportation section earlier in this packet. But, as mentioned in the beginning, a cab is probably best.

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