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By Bus

Take the Route 358 bus from downtown toward Aurora Village. The easiest place to catch it is at the intersection of 3rd and Pine (outside The Bon Marchè, where dozens of different bus lines stop), but just ask at your hotel for the nearest place, or refer to the web site or phone number indicated earlier. The bus runs about once every half hour on weekends, but the July 4 holiday schedule may be different (check the web site for times after June 6).

As you head out of the downtown area, you'll be going north on Aurora Avenue. After a couple of miles, the bus will take a right-hand exit, then swing back under the road. The next stop is Woodland Place N. / N. 64th Street. If you aren't familiar with the area, ask the driver to let you know when you're at the stop for Woodland Park and N. 64th (NOT the zoo).

Get off at this stop, and from here it's about a five minute walk. Head back in the direction the bus came from, along the sidewalk, and under the overpass. At the traffic light, cross the street and walk up the exit ramp where it says "Do Not Enter" (this doesn't apply while you're on foot). You'll see a driveway on the left: enter there and follow the road up, past the bowling green. The road will zig-zag a bit to the left, at which point you'll see picnic shelter 5 on the left-hand side, across from a pink building (the rest rooms).

You can also take Bus Route 5 from downtown, which drops you off on Phinney Ave. N. and 59th Street, just past the Woodland Park Zoo. From there, you can walk down and over one of the pedestrian bridges, but finding the bridge on that side is rather challenging and beyond the scope of this packet, so if you decide to hit the zoo first, just ask them for directions to Lower Woodland Park.

See the Public Transportation section earlier for getting help with bus routes and finding bus stops.

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