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West Coast Party

Q Will there be alcohol?
A Well, due to the fact that our entire family will be there carefully scrutinizing us...yes. Absolutely, definitely, and without a doubt, tons of booze. Beer, wine, champagne imported from halfway around the world, and at least enough hard liquor to take down a herd of bison.

Q Is it black tie?
A No. Given Keith's aversions to any kind of ties, we'd assume most people would have deduced this already.

Q Will there be other events besides the party?
A Yes. What Fourth of July would be complete without a barbeque? We hate to think that our guests would be giving up this time-honored tradition, and so we will be conducting our very own barbeque at Woodland Park. This will be an informal, family-friendly gathering for everyone to get together, meet your fellow guests, and enjoy our favorite national holiday with a veggie burger. Be sure to bring your kids, so they can visit the Woodland Park Zoo, right next door! And, of course, there will be fireworks that night, as well!

We may also have an informal gathering of some kind on Sunday morning (like brunch somewhere), but this more or less depends on how sick we are of all of you by then.

Q Can I bring my children?
A As our party will contain lots of alcohol, lewd language, and sharp, pointy furniture, we regret that children under the age of 12 will not be invited to the main party.

We know that some people will be disappointed by this, but we want this to be an affair that all of our friends and family members (the older ones) can share with us without having to worry about escaping before it even starts because it's their toddler's bedtime.

Do not despair, however. We will be providing free babysitting services for our main party (not by us personally, you'll be happy to know), either on-site or nearby. Furthermore, all other events, including the Friday afternoon event, are open to guests of all ages except 41.

Q Will there be alcohol?
A Relax. We don't want to be sober any more than you do. You have nothing to fear.

Q Where should I stay?
A Our top recommended hotel is the Homewood Suites by Hilton. For details, prices, and more options, refer to our the Hotels page of our party information section.

Q What is there to do in Seattle?
A Tons! If you haven't been here before, we recommend at least 1-2 extra days, so you can take advantage of the great sights, or even as much as a week, if you want to get out to the mountains, the Olympic peninsula, or even Vancouver. (Yes, we mean Canada.)

For a list of our most recommended places to visit, refer to the Things To Do page of our information section.

Q Where can we see fireworks?
A The best fireworks take place over Lake Union, specifically about two blocks away from Erin's old apartment (you didn't believe me when I said they were for us!) They are best viewed from any of the following places:
  • Gasworks Park (hugely popular, stake your spot early in the day)
  • on a fireworks cruise (not cheap, but fun for the family)
  • our place

We'll add more to this as information becomes available.

Q Do I need a car?
A Probably not, but this mostly depends on how much time you'll be spending in Seattle.

Seattle is a fairly small city, by most standards, and can easily be navigated by bus or monorail. A taxi ride from the airport to downtown costs about $30, but regular shuttles are also available for about $8 per person. Some hotels also have free shuttle service to downtown.

Overall, we are trying to coordinate our events so that everything can be accessed via public transportation. If you're only coming for a couple of days to see us, we think you will do fine without a car, and recommend that you consider this as an option.

However, if you've never been to the northwest before, and are intending to spend a day or two sightseeing beyond the city's limits, a car is almost mandatory. Some of the islands, like Bainbridge or Vashon, can be reached by ferry, but once you're there, public transportation is sparse. More remote places like Snoqualmie Falls or Canada definitely require a car.

Q Yes, that's all good and well, but will there be alcohol?!
A See, now, this is why we love throwing parties.

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