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General Questions

Q Congratulations! When's the ceremony?
A Well, actually, you kinda missed it. It was in May, 2002. But don't worry, you weren't invited.

This announcement is for the wedding party, which we haven't done yet.

Q Oh, okay. When's the party, then?
A The main party will be on the evening of Saturday, July 5, 2003, right in the middle of the 4th of July weekend. We'll be having a city-wide fireworks display in our honor the night before. (Being the humble people we are, you won't see our names anywhere, but if you don't believe it's for us, we can tell you exactly where and when they are. How else could we know that if they weren't intended for us??)

There's also a second party on April 27, 2003, but this one is much smaller.

Q Why are there two parties?
A Because now Erin can go out and buy two pairs of new shoes instead of just one. Also, the party in May is smaller, and is intended for east-coast family members only. Many of them are unable to make a long journey to the other party, and don't have the same taste in beer.

Q Where is the party I care about?
A If you're a member of the family living in the New York or New Jersey area, then your presence is requested at our east-coast party. That part will be held at the Basking Ridge Country Club in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

All other people are welcome to join us at our west-coast party, which will be at The Mountaineers Building in Seattle, Washington.

Q Am I invited?
A You are invited, provided one of the following criteria is met:
  1. you receive an invitation from us in the mail sometime this spring
  2. you are the spouse, significant other, child, legal guardian, or domineering partner of someone who has received an invitation from us
  3. you've given us, or would like to give us, a big fat check
  4. you own a yacht and/or a villa in a Mediterranean country

Q Why did you wait so long to have your party?
A We didn't think most people would come if we held it where we got married in Bali, so we decided it best to wait until we returned to the US. That explains the first four months of delay; the other ten are being spent planning it. Of course, most people would put this much time into the planning of their wedding, but since we managed to make do with about six weeks notice there, this is our way of keeping the universe of event planning in balance.

Q Can I get you a gift?
A Oh, gee, let us think about that.

In all seriousness, we do not expect you to get us a gift, since you weren't invited to the actual wedding. This is really just a big party...a way to trick all of our friends into coming to us...a bash that gives Erin an excuse to buy a fancy dress (especially since the wedding outfit was just a rental). Of course, if you feel obliged to get us a gift, we would never be so rude as to refuse it, provided it doesn't smell like used Odor Eaters. (Unused Odor Eaters, however, would be most welcome.) (Erin's foot size is 7.)

Q Are you registered anywhere?
A All the stuff we want (excluding things that drive, sail, require a credit card for deposit, or are illegal in the state of Utah) can be found at Wedding Channel (which links to all our brick-and-mortar store registries), and at Amazon.com. Look up either of our names at either place.

If you do not have Internet access, those land-based stores mentioned above include Crate and Barrel, Williams-Sonoma, and Pottery Barn. (Then again, if you don't have Internet access, how are you reading this?)

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