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East Coast Party

Q Why am I invited to this party and not the west coast one?
A Keith thought it would be fun to get his entire family together in one place so they could gang up and give Erin the third degree. Since all but a couple of relatives live in New York and New Jersey, we knew it would be easiest for us to come to them, rather than the other way around.

Q Where is the east-coast party being held?
A The party will be brunch at the Basking Ridge Country Club. We chose this location partly for its beautiful scenery, and partly because of its proximity to the Lewis/Swartz residence.

Q Will there be alcohol?
A We're not talking frat party levels of alcohol, but as this will be a brunch reception, we'll at least have champagne mimosas, and possibly some beer or wine for the non-bubbly drinkers.

Q I live on the east coast. Can I come to that party?
A We took a quick poll early on, and decided that it would be best to keep the east coast party a family-only affair, so that we could devote the proper amount of time and attention to our family members, many of whom we rarely get to see. Our friends will have a much better time on the west coast, where we'll have more time to relax and hang out with them in a more laid back (and probably drunken) manner.

Q Is it black tie?
A Definitely not. Black ties will be confiscated at the door.

Q Can I bring my children?
A Yes! No rowdiness at this bash: we want to see all our cousins, second cousins, cousins once removed, and third step-cousin-in-laws twice removed. We don't have much interest in seeing the third cousins once removed, however. You know who you are! (Hopefully, at least...cause I don't.)

Q Will people be getting together at your parents' house after the party?
A We'll be playing this by ear, but basically: sure. Come on over, wait for the champagne to wear off, and consume all the cocktail weiners you can. Just no feeding the deer.

Q Where should I stay?
A At home, silly. That was the whole point of coming back east, so you wouldn't have to travel far!

If you are one of the two or three anticipated out-of-town guests, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you with accommodation.

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