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Length of stay 14 days (including 7 in Galapagos Islands)
What we did
  • Went mountain biking down Cotopaxi mountain
  • Shopped at big market at Otovalo
  • Had dinner at the home of our new friend Mercedes and her family
  • Got mustarded, pickpocketed, and bitten (by a dog) in Quito
  • Currency value 1 USD/USD (they use US currency)
    Best thing to happen My Palm Vx started working again
    Worst thing It was pickpocketed
    So, really the best thing to happen Left for Peru two days earlier
    People who warned us to keep all valuables in our hotel room 5
    Highest altitude we went 4500 meters (Cotopaxi)
    Favorite animal found in Galapagos Sea turtles (Erin), blue-footed boobies (Keith)
    ATMs we had to try before we successfully got money 6
    Times we expect to return to Quito in our lives 0

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