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Length of stay 9 days
What we did
  • Got soaked (and engaged) at Iguazu Falls
  • Saw a tango show in Buenos Aires
  • Hiked through Tierra del Fuego, near the city of Ushuaia at the "end of the world"
  • Trekked up to the Perito Moreno Glacier by El Calafate
  • Currency value 1 peso/USD...no, wait, 1.4. Hold on...1.5. No, wait...
    ATMs that charged the wrong exchange rate or gave no money at all 4
    Riots and tear gas cannisters seen 0
    Hotels stayed in without a bidet 0
    Parrillas (steak houses) visited 0 (can you believe it?!)
    Time of sunset in Ushuaia 10:00 pm

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