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Length of stay 10 days
Length we thought we paid for 12 days
Length not counting the Drake Passage 5 days
What we did
  • Saw penguins in the South Shetland Islands
  • Saw penguins in the Weddell Sea
  • Whizzed around in a helicopter to stare at icebergs (most with penguins on them)
  • Crossed the Antarctic Circle (no penguins there, but could still smell them)
  • Tried not to get sick from the rolling and smell of penguin guano while crossing the Drake Passage
  • Currency value n/a (but at the stations, they take US dollars)
    Passengers on ship 98 passengers
    Passengers that were French 25
    Passengers that were worth talking to 7 (none of them French)
    ATMs seen 0
    Internet cafes seen 0
    Post offices seen 1
    Penguins seen about 280,000 (really)
    Days it will take for the smell of penguin guano to come out of our parkas 180
    Helicopter rides 3
    Hours required to cross Drake Passage 36
    Hours spent in bed on first crossing 8
    Biggest roll ship made while crossing on return 44.9 degrees
    Hours spent in bed on second crossing 32

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