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Q How much did the whole thing cost?
A The entire ceremony, including photographs and dress, cost us almost twelve million rupiah.

Q Did you say twelve million?!
A Yes, we did.

Q Wait, twelve million what?
A Um...okay, it was in Indonesian rupiah. But it feels like a lot more when we say it this way.

Q Did you say your own vows?
A Yes, we did. These have been transcribed and posted here for your reading pleasure. Be sure to have tissues nearby. We also chose a reading, the Blessing of the Apaches, to be read by our friends at the end.

Q Now for the important question: how big is the ring?
A Strictly speaking, it isn't. We did some ring shopping during our brief excursion back to the US in April, but didn't purchase anything at the time, since we weren't staying around long enough to see it through the entire design process. At the wedding, therefore, we just exchanged the wedding bands we'd bought prior to leaving the US.

When we do buy the ring, however, Keith promises it will be impressive yet subtle. And expensive, of course. (Millions of rupiah.)

Update! As of 19 March 2003, Erin now has the real ring! Photos are available.

Q Even more important: what kind of shoes did Erin wear?
A They weren't the two-million dollar diamond sandals worn at the Academy Awards, but for about eight dollars, this cream-colored sequinned pair of flats purchased in a shop in Ubud did quite nicely.

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