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Q Who got to attend the ceremony?
A It was about as small a wedding you can have, legally. The only people joining us (besides the speckled geese) were our friends John and Alison, whom you may remember from our trip to Scotland in 1999. (They live in Australia now.)

Q No fair! How come they got to go?
A They were closest, and we needed witnesses. They're also a hell of a lot of fun, which helped make up for the fact that none of our other friends or family were present.

Q So what about the rest of us?
A Don't worry! We're planning on having a huge wedding party to celebrate once we return to the US. (You didn't seriously think we'd skip the chance to have a party, did you??)

Q That's more like it! Now...when will that be?
A Most likely sometime next spring, but it may be as early as this fall, depending on when we return, and how quickly we get re-settled. We'll send out a save-the-date email or something once we have a better idea.

Q Where will the party be?
A In Seattle. (We are also planning a smaller party on the east coast, but that will probably be intended for Keith's family.)

Q Where do I send gifts?
A We're flattered, but gifts are not necessary, since we feel we should have at least invited you to the wedding in order to deserve it. If you insist on giving us a gift, we recommend waiting for the wedding party, so we'll have somewhere to put it (and so we have time to set up an REI registry in preparation for Keith and Erin's World Adventure II)!

Q Regarding your weekly poll from that week, what was your wedding song, anyway?
A Music cost $200 extra, so we just hummed to ourselves. Mostly Britney Spears.

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