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Our Wedding: Getting Ready   1 | 2 

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Note: Read all about our wedding preparations in our wedding day writeup!

Good Morning! — Keith and Erin order breakfast in their room on the big day. Best to be alone just in case any last-minute panic attacks hit.
Foot Therapy — Since it's all about the bride, we can't have her getting tired from standing all day. So best to start the day out with a foot massage!
What's Good For Her... — Then again, at about $10 for an hour, this is something we can all join in on.
Start at the Top — Erin gets to go first, so they start with the hair and the immense headpiece comprised of gold to follow.
What Have I Done?! — Our dressing assistant gasps in horror after looking at what she's done to the bridesmaid's hair. Alison seems happily oblivious, however.
Lunch Break — With Erin's headpiece, or gelungan, in place, there's a few spare minutes for her to take a few quick bites of food before everybody moves on to the dress.
One Down — Okay, the bridesmaid is ready...next, the best man.
It's Just like a Kilt! — John is actually a little excited to be getting dressed in his sarung. He hasn't been able to wear a skirt since leaving Scotland years ago!

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