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24 May 2002

Erin's account of "the big day", down to the very last details....

Relaxing Start

BALI, INDONESIA — What a perfect day!

Keith and I got married yesterday and it was wonderful. I don't think I could have dreamed a more perfect wedding. I also can't imagine what it would have been like with loads of people and family around. I was exhausted and it was just the four of us!!

The day started simply enough. Keith and I slept in after two heavy days of sightseeing around Bali. We eventually wandered down to the pool-side spa and booked our appointments: a 45-minute foot massage, plus manicure and pedicure for me, and a 75-minute aromatherapy message for Keith. We also booked massages for John and Ali, just for completeness.

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Foot Therapy

My foot massage was wonderful. It was nice and cool under the tree by the pool. The massage was a good mix of slight pain and total relaxation. Then the fun started with the manicure. The young woman was very meticulous and a little slow, but things really started to get interesting when she asked it I wanted flowers painted on my nails. This, of course, was communicated with the word "Flower?", and pointing to her own nails that already had them painted. I said "Yes, one," but somehow she interpreted this to mean that I wanted them on all my fingernails, with a strange little green dotted stem, as well. However, what I really meant was one flower on one nail, just for effect — not the "teenage girl with too much time on her hands" effect!

Of course, my further explanations and protestations fell on "deaf-to-English" ears. Eventually, all was corrected when the head woman came over to help. I think she was the real manicurist, as her skill level was much greater than that of the first girl. She overheard me lightly complaining about the flowers and she whipped off the old polish and left me with just beautifully painted plain red nails. After all that, the manicure/pedicure process took about two hours! Certainly the longest nail-do I've ever had. Ali and Keith had both finished their massages in the same time, and John was almost finished with his. All in all, I think we were very relaxed and pleased with our little dose of Spa. The best part was that it cost less than $50 US for ALL of our Spa treatments — you have to love Bali.

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