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On with the Preparations

I then had to scout around for my "something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue". My "new" was my cute little cream sequined sandals I bought the day before, my "borrowed" was the outfit and crown, and my "blue" was a hand-painted hanky I also bought the day before in Ubud. But I didn't have anything "old" and the group voted I couldn't count the outfit as more than one thing (I was sure the crown was old enough to qualify!). But alas, my husband-to-be came to the rescue: he inserted into the folds of my outfit an old picture of us from when we first started dating, taken in San Diego in 1998. Now I was really ready.

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One Down

Alison was equally beautiful in her outfit. She looked like a Japanese madame, only much younger and prettier. She, too, had faux hair: they first back-combed her hair to get "lift" in the front, then added a huge wave-like piece in the back. She also had the heavy makeup and bright pink lips. I loved the expression on her face after it was all in place, because she was sitting at such an angle she couldn't see herself until after it was all over (but of course I could see it all in progress).

Alison's outfit was simpler than mine, though. She had a purple fitted lace top and a beautiful purple and gold sarong, topped off with a gold sash. Oh, and her lovely new Balinese sandals which we bargained hard for in Ubud the day before. She topped it off with her own gold necklace and earrings.

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Does This Make Me Look Fat?

I think the whole process for Alison and myself took about an hour and half, whereas the men, of course, had it much easier. Well, at least John had it easier. Keith's outfit was almost as binding as mine. They wrapped him very tightly around the chest with a purple band, followed by a bright pink one. Then sashes were wrapped around and over one shoulder and he had a train in the front that he had to carry. Next came the gelungan (the crown headpiece). His looked slightly fiercer than mine, although no less heavy. Then came the same bracelets, arm bands, and necklace similiar to mine. And finally, the ceremonial keris, or dagger, was shoved down his back (in its sheath, that is) at an angle to finish it off.

John was the most comfortable of the bunch. He had a brightly colored gold/pink/purple/green plaid sarong under a purple and gold one. Then he had a neru-collared style shirt, with pockets for all his best man stuff. This was all topped off with a purple and gold sash artfully tied around his head. Sensing he needed something more, the ladies then took some of the little green curly grassy bits from Alison's flowers and placed them over John's ears. The effect was similar to tucking fried green calamari behind his ears.

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