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The Market at Chichicastenanga   1 | 2 

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Note: For more information about these pictures, read about the market at Chichicastenango.

Indigenous Dancing — Local men dress up in scary masks and perform indigenous dances.
Indigenous band — Local men performing for the dancers. If you think the outfits are scary, you should have heard the music.
Main Square, Chichi Market — Crowd forms around indigenous dancers.
Crowd Shot — Crowd extends onto the steps of the cathedral, beside the indigenous dancers.
Indigenous Dancers — Another look at the scary masked dancers.
Flower Vendors — Flowers for sale on the steps of the town's cathedral.
Fruit Vendor — Indigenous girls pause to visit a local vendor selling fruit whole, by the slice, or by the bag of slices (doesn't that seem clean?)
Indian Women — Local indigenous women lined up on a street curb, selling their wares (or maybe price-fixing).

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