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A Stroll Around Antigua   1 | 2 

8 Nov 2001

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ANTIGUA, GUATEMALA — Keith is still sick with a bad fever, so I decided to try and hunt down a doctor. I had breakfast at Cafe Sol, where luckily they also had a communications place so I could phone Access America, our travel insurance company. They were very nice and helpful, although they couldn't get anyone on the phone at the Casa de Salud Santa Lucia, where they recommended we go. At least they gave me a place to go with Keith.

I picked up Keith and taxied over to Santa Lucia. It was a nice little clinic, and we saw a doctor right away. He spoke a a little English and with my limited Spanish, we seemed to communicate OK. It appears Keith just has a viral infection with a lot of chest congestion. He gave us two prescriptions: one for the fever, and one for the cough and congestion. I even get to whack his back 3 times a day to help loosen up the congestion. (What a treat!) Once he found it wasn't a recurrence of his E. Coli or anything else bowel-related, he starting feeling a bit more human!

We changed hotels so we wouldn't be bothered by the trucks, which rattled our glass windows every time they drove by, and so we could be a little more centrally located in the town. The hotel is a little disappointing for the price. We are paying $40 a night and it's not all that much nicer than the previous $25 hotel. But the location is much better so it's all a trade off.

I had reservations for the afternoon walking tour of Antigua. It was fascinating. Our guide, Roberto Spillari, was very informative. His father is Italian, and he was born in Guatemala, but went to high school and college in the states.

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Our tour took us to several places, including:

The blocks were divided into quarters, and each house was designed with 3 doors leading into the courtyards: one door for the main entrance and guests, one for the horses and carriages (which typically encompassed the main entrance), and one for the servants.

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