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Galapagos Islands: Sea Lions   1 | 2 | 3 

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Hungry Pup — A young sea lion badgers his mother for milk on Darwin Beach.
Feeding Time — Mother obliges to shut him up.
Another Nursing Pup — Another pair on the red sands of Isla Rabida (Jervis Island).
Resting Anywhere — The sea lions around here are extraordinary for finding any suitable place to just lie and bask in the sun. This one must have spent hours climbing up the rocks to this spot.
Resting Anywhere — This guy probably just rode in on a wave.
Tidal Rush — This narrow inlet was dry when we stared our walk on Darwin Beach. When we returned, less than 20 minutes later, the tide was already rolling in to fill it.
Tidal Rush — This sea lion didn't waste any time taking advantage of it, either.
Keith and Sea Lions — Keith gets a close look at a mother and her pup on Darwin Beach; Mom watches, but doesn't seem to mind.

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