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Swallowtail Gull — One of the many swallowtail gulls examining the tourists on Isla Genovesa, at one of the four hundred beaches named after Darwin.
Red-footed Booby — A red-footed booby perched at Darwin Beach. This variety makes up about 90% of the species; the other 10% are white with black beaks.
Blue-footed Boobies — The bird with our favorite name, gathered on the rocks off the coast of Isla Santa Cruz.
Baby Frigatebirds — Young frigatebird chicks at Darwin Beach. For now, they are stil fed by the mother, but soon, they'll be learning how to steal food from all the other birds while in the air.
Masked Boobies Grooming — Two masked boobies preen their wings in tandem.
Red-footed Booby and Chick — The nesting area on Isla Genovesa is huge, so finding chicks like this isn't particularly hard.
Swallowtail Gull and Chick — A slightly older swallowtail chick nesting in the rocks with parent.
Swallowtail Gull and Chick — "Just where do you think you're going, young man?"

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