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Santiago de Chile — The heart of Chile's capital city, viewed from the top of Cerro San Cristobal. Actually, it's only a part of the city, as it extends in almost every other direction as well.
They Don't Make Funiculars Like They Used To — Santiago and the surrounding cities have a lot something that you hardly find anywhere else these days: funicular railways. When we first arrived, I looked up "funicular" in the Spanish-English dictionary, since I'd never heard of them. It read: "funicular". But once we boarded the pair of railway cars tethered by a cable, whereby one goes up as the othe comes down, it was obviously named after "funicula", which is Latin for "hauling one's lazy ass". We played some camera tricks here, making the track seem flat, when in fact it was about a 20-25 degree climb.
Peek of Santiago — Another glimpse of some of Santiago's taller buildings, through trees at the top of Cerro San Cristobal.
Every City Has Its Virgin — Santiago's Statue of the Virgin Mary, overlooking the city. Rows of seats line the stairway up to it for the overzealous religious ceremonies and Catholic School bake sales that take place up here.
Divine Light — The holy virgin beseeching God to send her some sunscreen for her back.
Santiago de Chile — Keith poses with another angle of Santiago in the background.
Teleferico — A teleferico, aka a cable car (or egg-shaped coffin) whisks visitors from the Virgin to an adjacent hill in the center of the city, with a botanical garden and wine museum.
Teleferico Landing — From the small but colorful gardens, you can see the cable car's last stop.

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