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Note: For more information on the second half of these photos, see our writeup on horseback riding in Pucón.

Volcan Pucón — Towering over the city of the same name, Pucón continually emits plumes of gas and smoke, which makes for a great source of practical jokes.
Pucón Lakefront — The two reasons to visit Pucón: mountain sports, and water sports. This is the town's black-sand beach on Lake Villarica (black from lava rock, not garbage). Believe it or not, this is an off day...to us, it looks like MTV Spring Break is in town.
Parque Nacional Villarica — Surrounding the volcano is a national park, in which you can drive up to the base of the volcano, ski-lift half way up, and hike the rest. The ski lifts aren't operating yet at this time of year, so we opted just for the driving part.
Pucón from Above — Looking back toward the town of Pucón from within Villarica Nat. Park.
Rafting — It wouldn't be a trip to the lakes region without a white-water rafting trip. Being Keith's first time, we opted to take it easy with Level 3 rapids. This was made harder than usual by not knowing enough Spanish to fully understand the guide's orders. One thing's certain, though: we learned the words for "Get down!" really fast.
Rio Trancura — The waters look pretty calm here, but don't let that fool you. This is just the parking lot.
White-Water Rafting — Keith and Erin take the tail positions as they navigate a Class 3 rapid.
White-Water Rafting — Erin smiles, proud that she now knows the word for paddle...and so she does.

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