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Copacabana — On the eastern side of Lake Titicaca is the destination town of Copacabana. From here, tourists can travel by boat to any of the small islands on this side of the lake. Some of the braver souls can even swim along this "beach". (They have to be braver than you think, as there's no sewer system in this town, so everything goes...yeah, you guessed it.)
Plaza 2 de Febrero — The city's center of activity, just across the street from its main cathedral. In the distance is Cerro Calvario, where Stations of the Cross are erected at the very top.
Copacabana Cathedral — An exceptionally large and well-restored cathedral acts as a gathering point for one of the most unusual religious ceremonies found anywhere in the Christian world...
Auto Benediciones — Welcome to the Auto Benediciones, aka the car blessings. People travel from all over the country to have their cars, trucks, or busses blessed by the padres of this church, in a most unusual, yet strictly Catholic blessing.
Auto Benediciones — Father Bernadino, the padre that started this tradition many years ago, sprays holy water inside one of the dozens of automobiles queued up for the day's blessings.
Auto Benediciones — The family that owns the car gets a blessing for themselves thrown in as well. What a deal!
For All Your Car Blessing Needs — Vendors line up outside the church selling flowers, balloons, confetti, cheap champagne, and everything else you'll ever need for the most spectacular car blessing ever.
Three Crosses — View from a hospicio inside the cathedral, looking out toward one of its side chapels.

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