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Plaza Murillo — This one square-block park represents the traditional center of La Paz. In the middle is a statue of former President Gualberto Villaroel, who was dragged into this plaza by an angry mob in 1946 and hanged. This square itself at the heart of the "City of Our Lady of Peace" was named for Don Pedro Domingo Murillo, a martyr in the city's independence movement, who suffered the same fate in 1810. City of peace...right.
Plaza Murillo - Cathedral — The huge cathedral of La Paz, at one corner of Plaza Murillo.
Plaza Murillo - Palacio Presidencial — The Presidential Palace, right next to the plaza and the giant towering cathedral (so much for separation of church and state). The locals call it "Palacio Quemado", or "burnt palace", which would have been a more appropriate name at least two times in the last 130 years when it was gutted by fires.
Plaza Murillo — One of the eight sculptures lining the plaza, representing the cultural side of Bolivia's past, which presumably does not include the hangings.
Comercio — There are virtually no general stores or supermarkets in La Paz, or other major Bolivian cities. Instead, most basic goods, ranging from toiletries and kitchen items to clothing and office supplies, are sold from small individually-run kiosks, distributed along pedestrian walkways and among street corners all over the city.
Street Vendor — An older woman selling the usual snacks and toiletries huddles inside a blanket to stay warm on a cold morning (which pretty much describes every morning 3600 meters above sea level).
Killi Killi — View of the city of La Paz from the "Killi Killi" viewpoint. The city stretches for miles into and over the surrounding mountains. And, of course, what Latin American city would be complete without an overpowering soccer stadium right smack in the middle?
Killi Killi — Another view of La Paz, reflecting more of the sophisticated high-rise structures in the heart of downtown.

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