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We started talking about timelines, and decided at first that a year was a good amount of time to play with. In our first sketch of a path around the globe, a year seemed doable.

Then, as the number of pins on our world map started growing, and our knowledge of all the cool and exciting things to do in those places grew, we saw that a year would never be enough to see and experience all the different places. We started with a plan to see Central and South America in just a little over two months; by the time we were done, it stretched out to three and a half months, and that was after taking out the Honduras, Venezuela, and Brazil.

Soon, we stretched our plan out to 14 months, bringing us back to the US for Christmas of 2002, then we expanded it some more to fill up about 15-16 months. Now, when people ask us how long we're going for, we say 18 months. But there's no way we can plan that far in advance. (Even if we wanted to, you usually can't buy tickets more than a year in advance.) We also don't even know if this full-time travel thing is for us; the idea of living out of a suitcase for such a long time is impossible for us to wrap our minds around. So as I write this (going into our trip), we've only planned out through South America, the South Pacific, and Australia/New Zealand. Again, to show how things have changed, that was originally supposed to take us to the end of February; now, it's the first week of May.

So late April/early May marks our "bail out" date. We could get out at any time, of coures, but waiting until then means we don't really lose out on anything fiscally. In March or April, we'll sit down and decide whether we're truly ready to keep on chugging, and if so, where we head next. (Hey, somebody remind me to update this page when we do, okay?)

So that, in a nutshell, is how we would up planning our "world adventure". All that remains now is for us to actually take it. And you can read about that pretty much everywhere else here!

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