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Leaving the Luxuries Behind   1 | 2 

30 Aug 2001

SEATTLE, USA — A lot of people have been asking us what it will be like to travel around the world. This seems a strange question to pose, given that neither of us has done anything even remotely like this before. Apparently, they assume our research into the trek has given us this kind of insight.

Well, honestly, we have no clue what it will be like. We've both taken long vacations — a few weeks, even a month or so — but we've never been on a vacation that had no definite "end". No return tickets. No day by which to show back up at work. No "home" to leave early and go back to. That much I can say tends to be a little disconcerting.

One of the other concerns is, of course, all the things we won't have with us. Here, I offer the first half of our list of things that Erin and I will miss the most during our trip:

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