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Here's a list of all previous polls, and the date each one was posted. Click on 'Results' to see the poll results.

10 Aug 2002 Q First thing Keith and Erin are going to do when they get return to the US: Results

26 Jun 2002 Q Singapore's FIFTH official language, after Malay, Tamil, Mandrain, and English, should be: Results

6 Jun 2002 Q What should Erin be called, now that she's married? Results

20 May 2002 Q Best choice for first song at Keith & Erin's wedding: Results

15 Mar 2002 Q Bula! Results

26 Feb 2002 Q Dirtiest-sounding name for a French Polynesian island: Results

4 Feb 2002 Q What Erin should tell people she does for a living, since nobody ever understands "retail": Results

26 Jan 2002 Q Best thing about Antarctica: Results

15 Jan 2002 Q Where should Keith and Erin get married? Results

8 Jan 2002 Q How would you summarize Keith and Erin's first three months of world travel? Results

22 Dec 2002 Q What I'm getting Keith and Erin for Christmas: Results

20 Dec 2001 Q What do Keith and Erin think of Quito, Ecuador? Results

27 Nov 2001 Q After ten days in Costa Rica rainforests, Keith and Erin are: Results

20 Nov 2001 Q Best cause for celebration: Results

7 Nov 2001 Q Best TV program to learn Spanish by: Results

30 Oct 2001 Q What will be the first thing to get ditched along the way? Results

23 Oct 2001 Q Should we post journal entries, discussing what we saw and did each day, in addition to the occasional topical write-ups? Results

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