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Our Wedding: The Pretty Poses   1 | 2 

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Note: Our wedding photographer, Mr. I Gusti Agung Rai Astawa (Indonesian for 'Smith'), takes us around our resort, the wedding grounds, the beach, and beyond, for the mandatory photo album shots. All but a few of the photos in here are by him.

On the Terrace — Posing on the balcony just outside our room, shortly after getting ready. It's early, so we aren't in any kind of great pain from the tight-fitting and heavy clothes yet.
Nah, Not Nervous — One final shot before heading off to the ceremony. But do we look nervous? Of course not! Then again, you can't see the trembling legs.
Temple Entrance — We held our ceremony outside the temple because we're not actually Balinese, and therefore aren't allowed to be wed inside. So this was as far into the temple as we were allowed, but we think it served us much better as a backdrop than as an actual surrounding.
Keith and His Wife, Charo — Keith and Erin joking alongside the temple moat.
Making Sure We Got It Right — Just in case the cameras didn't catch our kiss at the ceremony, we figured (actually, we were told) it would be good to do it again. Best to be sure about these things, of course.
Single People, Keep Your Distance — John and Ali step back to avoid getting all the cute gushiness all over them.
Thanks! — Again, we couldn't have pulled it off — nor would we have had such a wonderful time — without the presence of our gracious friends, John and Alison. (Now, quick, let's ditch them!)
Don't Get Any Ideas — Keith warns Erin about misbehaving now, as he whips out his keris...his ceremonial dagger, that is.

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