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Note: You can read more about our ceremony in the writings section if you're interested!

Sheraton Laguna — The setting for our ceremony, on the beach at Nusa Dua. Only a five-minute cab ride away from our hotel, which was unfortunate...do you have any idea how hard it is to fit into a car with an 18-inch high headdress stuck to your head?!
Enter the Cast — Keith and Erin make their way to the gardens, with John and Ali taking up the rear. By the way, it's also pretty tough to walk in these things...I imagine if Erin were as wrapped up as tightly as she was supposed to be, she'd probably have to be carted in on a handtruck.
Welcome to the Party — Nobody's invited, but it was nice that we got a sign anyway.
The Temple Gardens — The gardens in front of the Balinese temple, where our ceremony is to take place. We were expecting just a table and some flowers...seeing the gardens dressed up with the red carpet and surrounded with umbul-umbul (the curving bamboo poles with flags) got to us before we'd even started.
Before the Temple — Walking up the aisle...in the very literal sense...we're lead to the table, and the penjor (the arc-shaped bamboo pole with decorated coconut leaves) behind it. Behind that, the entrance to the temple — purely for decoration only.
Lights...Camera... — John, intentionally decorated with green bits in his ears, sets up the video camera to capture the entire ceremony. (It mostly caught just background noise.)
Guests In Place — Our only guests were some speckled geese, or quails, or some kind of bird wandering the hotel grounds. We were okay with them, as long as they didn't object or anything.
Hand In Hand — As the minister starts with all the religious stuff, the bride and groom jump right ahead to the hand-holding part.

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