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Note: For more information about these pictures, read about our overnight journey to Isla Taquile.

Lake Titicaca — The placid and utterly freezing waters of Lake Titicaca, with only the ripples of our boat (and the fourteen others in front of it) disturbing it.
Fishing on Lake Titicaca — Two children take their boat into the reeds in search of dinner.
Los Uros Islands — Several of the islands of Los Uros, built entirely from reeds. Walking on them is sort of like being on a waterbed. Tourists are carried from one island to another using the traditionally-built reed boats seen here; the natives use the pink fiberglass one (they're not stupid).
Traditional Reed Houses — Homes on Los Uros Islands, made entirely of reeds (both the houses and the islands). What we wonder about the most is: where's the plumbing?
Pink Flamingo — A lone flamingo wanders around undisturbed on one of the islands of Los Uros.
Erin on Lake Titicaca — Erin, in transit from one island to another on one of the reed boats.
Helping Hand — A young Uros-Aymara girl holding hands with Keith, and refusing to be left behind as her father rows us gringos to a neighboring island.
Entering Taquile — This is no island for the timid: reaching the populated area requires climbing this hill for 30-40 minutes. If it sounds easy, consider the fact that you're already at 12500 feet....

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