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Sacred Valley of the Incas   1 | 2 

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Sacred Valley — Rio Urubamba as it snakes through the Sacred Valley of the Incas, viewed as it is entered from Cusco.
Glaciers — White-tipped glaciers overlooking the Sacred Valley.
Ollantaytambo - Base and Guard House — The Incan city of Ollantaytambo. Terraced steps lead up the side of a mountain, with a statuesque guard house positioned halfway up.
Ollantaytambo - Entrance and Mountains — At the entrance to Ollantaytambo (behind), with the mountains of the Sacred Valley in the distance.
Ollantaytambo - Guard Tower and Storage — The guard tower and storage facility of Ollantaytambo, halfway up the mountainside. With no visible roads or paths leading up to them, we're still bewildered as to how these structures were built. (Apparently, they had not yet discovered the convenience of the indoor pantry.)
Ollantaytambo - Guard Tower and Storage Closeup — A closeup shot of the guard tower and storage facility of Ollantaytambo. For a sense of scale, the storage building on the right is about 80 feet high.
Ollantaytambo - Looking Up — Looking up at the infinite stack of terraces (that we get to climb) from the base of Ollantaytambo.
Ollantaytambo - The Sacred Seat — Keith and Erin take a moment to rejuvenate on the "sacred seat", a chaise lounge carved into stone that was supposed to instill those who sat in it with some sort of cosmic energy. (After climbing all the way up here for the pleasure, we could use all the energy we can get.)

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