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Note: For more information about these pictures, read about our first-class bus ride to Puno.

Andahuaylillas Village — A small village outside of Cusco known for its early 17th century church, beautifully decorated with artwork that combines Catholic and Quechua traditions.
Andahuaylillas — Entrance to the cathedral at Andahuaylillas.
Andahuaylillas Mural — One of the 17th century murals we're not supposed to photograph. Others show translations of the Book of Psalms in five languages — one of them Quechua.
Raqchi — One of the more uncommon Incan structures, this temple is believed to be the tallest roofed building ever built by the Incas.
Raqchi — The towering center walls of Raqchi.
Raqchi — On either side of the wall, sloped roofs were supported by rows of round pillars.
Raqchi — Here, the adobe has been repaired to recreate the full effect. There are those trapezoids again — unfortuantely, adobe isn't as weather-resistant as stone.
Raqchi Flowers — Valley flowers creeping up between the stones at the site of Raqchi.

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