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View of Lima from Hotel — Looking north from our hotel roof toward downtown Lima, and all its modernization and skyscrapers. With its population of eight million, this marks the largest city we've visited so far on our journey.
Plaza de Armas — Looking across the Plaza de Armas at the Municipal Building. This term essentially means "main square", and is commonly used in cities throughout South American countries.
Plaza de Armas — The centerpiece of the Plaza de Armas, a bronze fountain dating back to 1650.
Cathedral of Lima — View of the city's eponymous cathedral from the Plaza de Armas. In the entryway, it contains a monument to Francisco Pizarro, the founder of Lima, although it's more just a marker for his remains than an homage, since today he is viewed as little more than a butcher of the Incan people. As a result, Limans have an unusually inverted sense of pride, with virtually no respect for their founder.
Cathedral of Lima Inside — Elaborate, silver-covered altar in the main cathedral.
Cathedral of Lima Inside — Lower half of aforementioned altar.
Cathedral of Lima Crypt — Call security! One of corpses got out again!!
Cathedral of Lima Inside (14 Disciples) — One of my favorite sculptures, not for the art, but the excuse. This is a wood carving of the "14 disciples". True Catholics, of course, know there are only twelve disciples, but apparently the artist didn't make them large enough, and so had some extra room to play with. At least, to his credit, he didn't invent two more disciples (Harold and Curly?), but included carvings of the Baby Jesus instead. However, after seeing that, I couldn't help remembering a Monty Python sketch called "The Penultimate Supper", wherein Michaelangelo is brought before the pope to be chastised for his depiction of a Last Supper with 28 disciples and 3 Christs. Wonder if this was their motivation?

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