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Bocas del Toro

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Note: For more information about these pictures, read about our peaceful trip to Bocas del Toro.

Erin on Main Street — The main drag of Bocas del Toro: wide enough to hold nearly all the cars on the island side-by-side, yet all we ever saw was a steamroller going back and forth to water down the gravel.
"Botel" Las Brisas — On the rear deck of our "botel", which we're guessing was not a typo, but a reference to the fact that you can "boat" right up to it.
"Botel" Las Brisas — Erin sitting on the edge of the porch for our "botel". Behind her is another island in the archipelago — many of them are so close, you could practically walk there.
"Botel" Las Brisas — Catching up on our rest and relaxation on the deck of our over-the-water residence.
Bocas del Toro Town Center — It's not exactly Times Square, but it's still a quaint place to hang out.
Swimming at Sandbar — Erin waves from waaaaaay out on our private little sandbar to which we kayaked. It's incredible how with only ten minutes in a sea kayak, you can go from one island in the archipelago to another, to yet another.
Swimming at Sandbar — Our lonesome canoe tied to the pier by our secluded sandbar.
Swimming at Sandbar — Part of the tropical lagoon surrounding our secret spot.
Moonrise — The full moon rising above a distant island provides a spectacular reflection over the calm waters of the Pacific, in this tiny little corner of the Caribbean.

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