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Antigua: Doors

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Iron Works Doors — Doors that once opened into the iron works. Note how the left door has a smaller door inside it; the smaller door was for people on foot, while the large set of double doors was for people on horseback. (Today the large doors are usually opened for cars, which are often parked in the interior courtyards.)
Intricate Door — Erin's fascination with ornate and intricate doorways of Antigua.
Intricate Door — Another interesting doorway in Antigua.
Intricate Door — Yet another interesting doorway in Antigua.
Painted Door — Beautifully painted set of doors to Antiguan residence.
Door Knocker — Knockers on door to Antigua residence. Note again how there is a lower knocker (for people on foot), in addition to the two ornate knockers higher up (for people on horseback).
Door Knocker — Finely crafted — albeit bizarre — door knocker from Antigua residence.

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