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Galapagos Islands: Sea Turtles and Tortoises   1 | 2 

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Sea Turtle — Sea turtles are notoriously hard to photograph, since they spend 90% of their time underwater. The only other time we saw one above the water surface was when one climbed on top of another to have sex. Fortunately, this picture taken at James Bay came out much better.
Tortoise at Isla Santa Cruz — Renato describes the features of the giant tortoise, as this one keeps to himself.
Tortoise at Isla Santa Cruz — Few places remain where they can be found in the wild; the owner of this land capitalized on their presence and allows visitors to come round for $3 per person. (At least he gives out free tea.)
Tortoise at Isla Santa Cruz — Eventually, their curiosity wins out, and they'll slide out for a peek at their surroundings.
Tortoise at Isla Santa Cruz — But if they don't like what they see or hear, they let out a deep exhale to shrink their bodies, and back in they go.
Tortoises at Isla Santa Cruz — Aside from the few that can be found in the grass, a whole bunch can usually be found (much more easily) in wet bogs like this one, which keeps them cool.
Turtle Crossing — Since the owner of this land does allow the turtles to roam freely, there does remain the risk they'll just keep on going across the road. I imagine any driver on this road would have to be mighty patient if this actually happened.
Darwin Research Station — Cactus-filled landscape at the research station, just right for all those tortoises.

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