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Galapagos Islands: Iguanas and Lizards   1 | 2 

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Marine Iguana — Our first introduction to endemic life in the Galapagos was the marine iguana, on Isla Santa Cruz. There were only one or two of them here, but....
Marine Iguanas — ...there was definitely no shortage of them on Isla Fernandina.
Marine Iguana Swimming — Their most impressive trait is the fact that they can swim. Not only that, they can dive and remain underwater for as long as 45 minutes!
Marine Iguana — The males are a little more intimidating, with their spiky backbones, and, on occasion, their multi-colored skin.
Marine Iguanas at James Bay — They tend to blend in very well with the scenery.
Marine Iguana Fight — One of the most impressive things to watch is when two males go to battle over a piece of rock. They start by shaking their heads up and down (the threat), then by snorting salt water out their nose (the retort), then by locking heads, so to speak, with each one trying to headbutt the other off the rock in a sumo wrestling-style bout.
Marine Iguana Fight — Of course, the real key to the fight is the intimidating stare-down at the beginning.
Renato Wins — "This is MY rock -- go get your own!"

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