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Galapagos Islands: Our Boat

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The M/Y Eric — One of the three ships owned by Ecoventura, and our home for the next seven days, waiting for us in the harbor of Isla Santa Cruz as our plane arrives.
The Cast — The passengers for our week's cruise: in addition to me and Erin, there are five men, and seven women, pretty much all of them named Barbara. (Not pictured here: Barbara, taking the photo.)
Our Leaders — To the left, our guides Renato and Javier, and to the front, our very young Ecuadorian captain, raising a glass to all of us.
Our Man Hugo — Every time we returned from going ashore, there was our favorite crew member of all: Hugo, the bartender/waiter. There wasn't a mouth among us that didn't water up like one of Pavlov's dogs in anticipation for his snacks.
Cliff-side Soccer — The crew of our boat challenges the members of another ship in James Bay to a riveting soccer game on the edge of a cliff. (I'd hate to be the one to have to chase after an out-of-bounds kick on this field.)

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