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Galapagos Islands: Other Aquatic Life

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Galapagos Penguin — The northernmost penguin in the world (well, not this guy precisely, but the species), hanging out near Tagus Cove.
Galapagos Penguins — Joined by a buddy.
Galapagos Penguin Swimming — A penguin floats on the surface, and squawks out a warning to his fellow penguins that we have cameras, so put away the chess boards and stuff.
Sally Lightfoot Crab — These bright red crustaceans were introduced here when the Edmund Fitzgerald sank just offshore. Oops, no wait, those are the Gordon Lightfoot crabs.
Crabs Everywhere — These brilliant red dots are easy to spot, especially on all the volcanic rock in the area. Apparently they're quite tasty, though nobody fishes for them anymore.
Fiddler Crab Fight — Two fiddler crabs duke it out for a hiding spot in the sand, while a rather clever third one tries to just take it during the distraction. (He got it, but was chased out by the victor in the end.)
Golden Rays — Golden rays, small yet beautiful, gliding in a perfect bombadier formation through the mangroves off Santa Cruz Island.
Dolphins — Two curious dolphins catch up and cruise along the bow of our ship.
Whales and Boobies — Two whales clear a path for our ship, while in the distance, hundreds of blue-footed boobies circle around in the air before diving headfirst into the water in a grand splash. Unlike the masked or red-foot boobies, the blue-footed species secrets an oily substance on their wings, allowing them to dive into the water for food, and pop back up to the surface.

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