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Entering Old City — View down a street that separates today's downtown Quito, and the "Old City".
Palacio de Gobierno — Governer's palace, right next door to the archbishop in Old Quito.
Palacio Arzobispal — The archbishop's palace in Old Quito, now mostly dominated by tourist shops.
Cow vertebrae — The walkways inside the archbishop's palace are lined, strangely enough, with cow vertebrae. Doesn't sound like a Martha Stewart moment to me.
Plaza de la Independencia — A man on a bench buries his head into his hands, probably because he was just pickpocketed, too. (Take a good look at those young children on the right...they totally look guilty, don't they?!)
Presidential Guard — The President of Ecuador is far from the only person to require armed guards, although he's the only one who makes his guards wear a silly uniform.
View from Presidential Palace — Looking down the breezeway at the entrance to the palace, to one of the busy streets of the Old City.
Street in Old Quito — Hustle and bustle in the Old City, along a narrow pedestrian walk lined with tall restored buildings. Note how in the distance, the homes just keep going straight up the hill. Space is an extra-special commodity here in Quito.

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