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Mountain Biking on Cotopaxi   1 | 2 | 3 

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Note: For more information about these pictures, read about our mountain bike "flight" down Cotopaxi mountain.

Half a Bus — It's not uncommon for people in Ecuador, we're told, to put new bodies on old car frames: the bus driver behind us is apparently on his way to go pick up a new body. We still think it looks like somebody stole the body of this guy's bus as a practical joke.
En Route — The scenery between Quito and Cotopaxi — beautiful and intimidating, all at the same time.
Gearing Up — Jan assists Erin and Sharon in getting their protective gear assembled and put on.
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Clouds Rolling In — Fog moving quickly across Lake Limpiopungo, almost as fast as we were able to move in our weak and pathetic state.
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Mountain Roads — In the entire day, we saw only one other car. Part of that might be due to the holiday in Quito, but more likely it was just the expansive isolation up here.

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