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Volcan Poas (or not)

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Droka Coffee Plantation — View of the Droke Coffee plantation from one of their little roadside stands (the closest thing to Starbucks we've seen since leaving the US).
Coffee Plantation — Another coffee plantation, just outside of San Jose on our way to Poas.
Metal Church — A few hundred years ago, a ship bound for Punta Arenas, Argentina and carrying several thousand tons of steel accidentally "missed" and landed at Puntarenas, Costa Rica instead. (Sure hope that captain was Union.) The nearby town of Grecia, in need of a new church after their old one burned down, found a way to keep the steel from going to waste by building what is believed to be the world's only steel cathedral. Sure enough, if you pound your fist against the side of it, it sounds like the hull of a giant ship.
Metal Church Entrance — Looking back at the entrance to the great metal church of Grecia.
Metal Church Entrance — The entrance arch elegantly frames a warm, albeit over-exposed sunset.
Metal Church Window — Stained glass window inside the metal church.
Waterfall with Keith — Our rainy-day activity, since we couldn't see Volcan Poas, was to visit the La Paz Waterfalls, near Villablanco. Seeing them, however, would have required more hiking in the rain, so we settled for just driving down the road to view the last of them.
Base of Waterfall — Looking beneath the bridge to where the waterfall subsides into a casual river again.
View from Our Room at Night — Our accommodations near Volcan Poas were rather primitive, with no heat, and the sound of rain pelting against a tin roof all night. But during the few brief minutes the clouds subsided, we were awarded with this stunning night view of the San Jose valley.

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