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Note: For more information about these pictures, read about our sightseeing in Monteverde.

Meet Kim — Erin relaxing at a quaint little restaurant around the corner from our hotel with her friend Kim. Kim had just returned from a trip to Costa Rica before, and she enjoyed it so much, she joined us there for that portion of our trip. She swears the weather was nice when she visited; we still usually think she's lying and just came along to watch us suffer through the unending rain.
Hotel El Establo — Our room at "the stables" — they've renovated just about everything except the name.
Hotel El Establo — A view of our room and the Gulf of Nicoya from our loft. Yes, that's right, our loft. Ours. A loft.
View From Hotel El Establo — Looking out from our balcony in the hotel at the Gulf of Nicoya and the..well...unfinished swimming pool. (Hey, we got a discount.)
Road to Monteverde — A glimpse of the clouds yet to come on our way to Monteverde.
Butterfly Farm — One of the many beautiful butterflies at the farm whose name we totally can't remember. This one is unique because it actually had its wings open when we took its picture.
Hercules Beetle at Butterfly Farm — The hercules beetle is one of the most dangerous insects in the world! Its pincers can pierce through a human bone in a fraction of second, and it will react to just the slightest motion within half a mile! So let's try to pick up this guy and see what's underneath! (Okay, now read it again with The Crocodile Hunter's voice.)
Horseback Riding — The three of us riding our horses through the forests of Monteverde, while behind us is a seventy thousand year-old tree.

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