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Corcovado: The Tent Camp

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Note: For more information about these pictures, read about our four wettest days ever in Corcovado.

Corcovado Adventures Tent Camp — Our tent camp, viewed from the ocean.
River next to Tent Camp — Crossing the small river separating the beach landing from our tent camp. Fortunately, even with constant rains, it rarely rises above the knees.
Our Tent and the Main Palapa — Our tent in the foreground, and the main community tent, or palapa, in the background, where we all met to eat, play, or just wait out the never-ending rain.
Tent Camp Dining Palapa — Closer to the main dining palapa, during one of the few times we could walk to it without an umbrella.
View from Kim's Tent — Looking back toward the beach landing from outside Kim's tent.
View from Our Tent — A beautiful view to wake up to on the front porch of our tent.
View from Camp (on a good day) — Looking out over the ocean, about twenty feet from our tent... at least there was sunshine once!
Tent Camp from Beach — Kim's tent and our tent, viewed from the beach.
Tent Camp from Beach — Another view from the beach, this time looking out toward the ocean.

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