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Corcovado: Keith's Birthday

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Note: For more information about these pictures, read about our four wettest days ever in Corcovado.

Birthday Card — The "birthday card" Erin and Kim surprised Keith with on the morning of his birthday.
Party Preparations — While Keith keeps his journal up-to-date (this is where that super-long battery life comes in handy), Kim and Erin blow up a package of balloons they bought in San Jose, then string them up along the rafters...using dental floss. The things you learn when you watch too much Martha Stewart!
Keith's Birthday — Keith enduring the (purported) Costa Rican tradition of getting "egged" on one's birthday.
Birthday Cake — Keith cutting the birthday cake Fernando and Carlos had their kitchen gurus whip together. Who would have thought they'd have vanilla frosting in the middle of a rainforest, with the nearest supermarket being a two-hour boat ride away?
Fernando, Keith, and Carlos at Tent Camp — Our hosts, Fernando (left) and Carlos, managers of Corcovado Adventures Tent Camp. These guys are the most responsible for turning four days of rain in the middle of nowhere into a true adventure.

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