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Ushuaia: City at the End of the World

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Welcome to the End of the World! — Ushuaia, the southermost city in the world. The mileage post really drills the point in -- not only how far south we are, but how BIG the country of Argentina is! (Discussion question: if miles are measured in mileage, why aren't kilometers measured in kilometerage?)
Southern Cityscape — Looking out from our hotel at the city of Ushuaia, with the mountains of Tierra del Fuego behind it. The city's name is derived from the native Yamana name, which appropriately translates as "bay towards the end".
The Perfect Viewpoint — Two benches sit at the edge of a cliff overlooking the Beagle Channel. It would be paradise if it weren't below freezing for three-quarters of the year.
Overlooking the Beagle Channel — The view of the Beagle Channel from just outside our hotel room window...at just past 10pm. This is the one nice thing about a place so far from the equator: lots and lots of daylight!
A Toast to the Beagle — Erin has a sip of her wine while looking out across the channel. This is the part of our trip where we rough it, as you can plainly see.
Wine, Dogs, and a View — A very excited puppy comes by for a bit of affection.
At the Port — The heart of the city lies in two places: at the pier, and along the strip of touristy shops for everyone coming from the pier. This part looks much more desirable.
The Kapitan Dranitsyn — The icebreaker on which we would be venturing to Antarctica later today. When we first saw it, we thought it was huge...until we saw the cruise ship next to it that was bigger than some small countries. But it was big enough for us...and that's a story for another day.......
Farewell to Ushuaia — On our way north again to El Calafate, we bid farewell from the air to our southernmost home.

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