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South Pacific Statistics

French Polynesia
Length of stay 13 days
Time it took us to spend an equivalent amount of money in South America 70 days
What we did
  • Shopped for pareus (sarongs) at the Papeete market
  • Drove around Moorea in a "fun car"
  • Went scuba diving in Bora Bora and Rangiroa
  • Circled the island of Tahiti (in a real car)
  • Panhandled for spare change after two weeks of $80 meals
  • Currency value 136.3 Central Pacific Francs (CPF)/USD
    Average cost of Internet cafe on Moorea 15 CPF/min
    Islands visited 7 (includes two plane stopovers and one "motu")
    Scuba dives taken 8 (each)
    Other US travellers met 16
    Other US travellers met not from California 2
    Topless women seen 7 ½
    Topless woman sightings before Keith became desensitized 2
    No, really... okay, 3

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