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Remember, all future dates are just guesses (with a few exceptions, which are noted).

Singapore and China

22-Jun - 26-Jun Singapore
Buying lots of cheap electronics and trying not to get caned.
26-Jun - 4 Jul Hong Kong and Macau
More cheap electronics, ferry trip to Macau to get some Portuguese exposure.
4 Jul - 20-Aug China (mainland)
Limestone peaks in Guilin, ancient pagodas and stone forests in Kunming; sacred mountains and spicy food in Sichuan, cruising down the Yangtzi River, terracotta soldiers at Xi'an, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, etc. in Beijing, Great Wall of China (of course!), Shanghai...and maybe more!
20-Aug - ? USA
Driving back from Texas to Seattle, via Utah and other scenic camping spots

And that brings us to the end of our World Adventure...until World Adventure II in a few more years!

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