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Here is where you'll find the core of our site: our occasional write-ups that epitomize just what kind of travellers we are, and (mostly) unedited journal entries that describe the day-to-day toil of world travelling. If you don't enjoy these stories, you might as well take this site out of your bookmarks now.

Look here for the story of our wedding in May 2002!

February 2002

January 2002

December 2001

(Older stories are archived on the next page.)

The icon indicates the writing is an excerpt from one of our journals. These are signed to tell you who wrote it, and are more about what we did and what we saw. We think most people will be interested in these, but if you're just looking to laugh, expect to be bored by these. Then again, you may be on the wrong site altogether if that's all you're hoping for.

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